Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Welcome to La Luna!

Hello hello hello all, and welcome to my new blog! I've been working on this little blog now for a little while, thinking of headers, layouts etc, and obviously there's not a drastic change from my old blog, but its a lot cleaner now, and more thought out. It will help me organise my blogging and actually get back into what I used to love doing, which was fashion and photography blogging! As art is one of my subjects at college, I am going to bring in some more of my art and illustrations just to keep things interesting!

Anyway, for those of you who don't actually know me and didn't follow my old blog, which went through a lot of changes in name (Paradise Circus, Freak on a Leash, Her Young Heart, La Luna), I'm Ellenor/Ellie/Elle, and I'm a 16 year old lover of all things creative from the South West of England. I'm hoping that you'll all enjoy reading my little ramblings about fashion, art, photography, my life, music, and i'll probably end up ranting on here about feminist issues now and again so I apologise in advance! Anyway, goodbye for now, and I will be putting up a brad new post soon, that will be to do with something interesting rather than me just introducing myself and my blog, but get following guys and i promise there will be some interesting posts heading your way very soon!


  1. Hi Elle, welcome back to the blogging world! Love the layout and header, you can tell you spent some time on it :) Can't wait to see your posts, wish I was as creative, I'm useless with photography lol

    Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin


  2. Yay I'm your first follower! Love your header and layout :)! Looking forward to reading your posts xxx

  3. Can't wait to read more of your posts! :)


  4. Hello lady, thank you for letting me know your blog had moved. I had only just come across your last one recently and your creativity blew me away. I can't wait to see how your new blog evolves! Oh and I'm from the south-west too, small world it seems :) xx