Hello all, my name is Ellenor and i'm a 16 year old moon child from the south west of england. I am currently studying art and photography at college, and lugging behind me two other subjects.  

I've been blogging for a while now, starting out my first blog a long time ago, but felt it was time for a fresh start, so that my blog doesn't feel so cluttered. My interests are mostly to do with art, photography, fashion and music and i spend most of my time dreaming of far off places, tattoo's all over my body and with hair down to my waist. There is so much of the world to see I want to spend my whole life photographing, drawing and experiencing it. But at the moment I am stuck in this very boring town, trying to do something interesting so I don't get too bored for the moment: hence, La Luna is born! 

I'm a huge lover of music, festivals, chai tea, 80's movies, tattoo's, heavy music, the moon (hence the name of the blog!), dreadlocks, vanilla lattee's, kinder bueno, strawberry lemonade, illustration, anything Tim Burton-esque, and I should warn you, I'm a bit of a lord of the rings enthusiast. 

La Luna is a place for dreamers just like me, and i hope to create something magical you all enjoy to read.

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