Saturday, 22 June 2013

I know gold is not enough

(Also new: Hat - eBay // Crop top - eBay // oooh and a fringe!)

Hello my lovlies, sorry for the absence, I was really ill for a while, and i've had to go back to school after my exams (boooooo!) which sucks, so i've been out of action for a while, just sleeping, going to school, seeing friends and working. I cannot wait to finish for the summer! So lately i've just been buying or re-purchasing certain things I liked so I thought i'd do a quick post, sort of a 'mini haul' type thing, just to show you some things! 

1. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in Light Porcelain
This is just a repurchase as this is my staple foundation at the moment. Its the best drugstore brand foundation I have ever tried, and its not too expensive, I think its around 6/7 pounds? Anyway, yeah I just think it works really well for my skin colour as its the lightest one i've found in drugstore brands, a lot of others tend to make me look very orange coloured. But this works really well and this is my 3rd bottle!

2. Aussie Take The Heat
Again, this is a re-purchase, I really like this product, and it smells really good, as do all the Aussie products. But this product is great because it really does protect you hair from heat styling. Yeah there isn't much to say about it really, its just a good product!

3. Vosene Silver Care Shampoo
This is a new thing i'm trying out and my mum actually bought this for me because i'm trying to get my hair to go blonder/lighter. So far I like this and can see a difference, but havent used it loads so can't really comment on this a huge amount! 

4. Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer
Another re-purchase (told you this was mostly re-purchases) but this is my staple concealer and I love this stuff. I used to use the famous Collection 2000 concealer stick, but it started to get to the point where it looked to cakey, or maybe I just got really bored? I dont know, but i remember buying this a while ago and loving it, but not repurchasing at the time because it is about 10 pounds, which is rather steep for a drugstore concealer, but I think it is every bit worth the money. I use the lighter more yellow toned shade for my under eyes and the pinky toned shade to cover blemishes. It really works for me and it also has a setting powder with it that works great too! So yeah, two thumbs up for this product!

5. Moroccan Argan Oil
Last thing that is a re-purchase is this Moroccan Argan Oil. Lately i've been really into getting my hair healthy and feeling nice and soft etc, so I have been using this a lot recently, so i had to buy a new one!

6. L'oreal Elvive Styliste Mousse
This is a new thing i'm trying out, just because I used to have a styling mousse (not sure of the brand) a while ago that I liked, so my mum bought me this and so far I like it. I've found with hair mousse in the past when I put it in it stays in my hair and goes a horrible texture but this gives your hair volume, and makes it feel pretty soft, even when put on dry hair. Again, I haven't had this for long, but my first impression of it is that its pretty good!

7. Top and Hat both from eBay
I understand I haven't taken a very good photograph of the top, but its pretty much just like the turtle necked crop tops from places such as Topshop and American Apparel etc, but this one is from eBay for a fraction of the price! The one i'm wearing is a wine colour and I also got a plain black one. I think they are really great basic pieces. But I was really excited to receive this hat! I paid about 5 pounds for it and it was just the shape I wanted, and I am so excited to wear it when the sun makes an appearance again! The lipstick i'm wearing in the photograph is Plum by Revlon. 

8. Fringe is BACK baby! 
If any of you followed my old blog, you'll know that I got a fringe cut in a while ago and ended up not liking it at all. This was because the hairdresser made it really thin, and shaped it a lot around my face which I wasn't keen on, so i went back there and told the hairdresser exactly what I wanted (thicker fringe, not much shape around the face etc.) and I am so happy with it! My next step for my hair after the summer is a white blonde colour and a shorter alexa chung style cut, but I have to get my hair in better condition before I can do that!  

Anyway, hope you liked this post, i'll be back soon with another. Hopefully another outfit post soon, but I don't really have anywhere to take them at the moment, so i'll work on it! Also hoping to start doing some video's now i've found a fairly decent camera to do some filming on so stay tuned for that!

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  1. i've heard so much about the kick ass concealer- desperate to try it out! xx

  2. I wanna try that Kick Ass concealer just for the sake of its name haha

  3. Great haul, I love that hat it looks so good on you! :) x

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