Thursday, 16 May 2013

I'm bringing my sinking ship back to the shore.

Hello lovely people, welcome to my first real post of my new blog! Hope you guys enjoy it, I thought I'd do a haul, as I have bought a few new items lately. I went in to town to have a catch up with an old friend and we ended up just going shopping and buying new things! But surprisingly I didn't actually pay that much for all the new stuff I bought, (I did also buy a Topshop mesh crop top in town but it didn't photograph great, and a dress and a new jumper online) although too be honest I did buy quite a lot of stuff from Primark. Its actually so unlike me, I haven't been into Primark in AGES but my friend wanted to have a look for some jewellery and I found some real gems among the huge gold hoops and the rhinestone t-shirts. Anyway without further ado, information about my items!

001 // Topshop Rings
The first place we went had to be Topshop, I dont think any British girl can go shopping on the British high street and not go in topshop! Anyway, I found these lovely rings, and as a lover of silver rings and gemstones in rings, I had to get them. I am terrible at remembering prices but I think these were around 8 pounds? I'm unsure, but I do think thats pretty good for 3 rings in a set, and they are lovely. 

002 // Primark Hasma Hand Necklace
I told you I found some gems, I really love this I think its great! It looks really good quality and is a perfect length and looks really good with lots of different t-shirts and shirts. I think this was only 2 pounds, which is amazing for a necklace this lovely I think!

003 // Primark Stone Ring
Again, I think this is absolutely lovely, it is a bit large and I do like my rings smaller, but for £1.50 I could not leave this behind! I looks like something that Topshop may charge 4 pounds for so I thought I may as well buy it! It also fits in pretty well with my other rings I bought!

004 // Primark Two Pack of Belts
Nothing much to say about these really, except from I just needed some new belts and these were pretty nice and cheap!

005 // Primark Purse
Okay, anyone who is good friends with me, or has been shopping with me, knows I used to have the most horrendous purse ever. Its one my mum used to have and she just gave it to me. But its horrible. So after my friend in town telling me multiple times that I need to get a new purse, I decided to get one. But I am seriously not the type of girl to spend 20 pounds on a purse, because I just personally can't justify it. So this 5 pound one from Primark will do nicely!

006 // Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba
After running out of my favourite blusher (Coralista by Benefit) I was a bit lost without it, so I needed a cheap filler, and I love natural collection, I have one of their red lipsticks which actually has a really good wearability! I think if your running low on cash they are a really good cheap alternative make-up brand!

007 // Supercat Soap and Glory Liquid Liner
I love Soap and Glory, but I don't have many of their products and quite frankly I don't know why! The products I have tried are such good quality and I cannot wait to go back to boots and purchase one of the scrubs, because it smelt absolutely amazing, I'll probably never use it, just smell it! Anyway, I'm difficult with liquid liners, I have tried every drugstore liquid liner there is, and i mean every single one. You name it, i've tried it. But I think I may have found my new favourite. Its like a pen that you just draw on your desired look and it dries in 2 seconds, which is a big thing with me and liners. I love it, I even slipped in a photo of how it looks, it comes out very black as well, which I love.

008 // Olive T-shirt
I think i'm slightly lucky to live in Cheltenham because we have the Olive store! Its lovely, so pretty and well thought out! Anyway, I picked up this basic t-shirt with long sleeves, its a really lovely fit and it was only 10 pounds. I always make an effort to go in and check out Olive for some nice stuff when i'm in town because it really is lovely in there.

009 // Primark Disco Pant Dupes
Okay, so forever I have wanted a pair of the American Apparel Disco Pants, as most bloggers do! But I have never really got around to buying them really. But I tried on these dupes the other day and they are literally identical to the american apparel ones. The american apparel ones are obviously better quality, but they still flatter me exactly the same, and for 16 pounds, i'm happier than paying 70 pounds! 

Anyway, sorry for the word heavy post, but I hope you liked my first post, and I will keep coming back with more posts! Thankyou to people who have followed or commented or had a look and liked my new blog its really exciting to have started a new blog and I'm enjoying it a lot already! Be back with more posts soon!


  1. welcome to blog world!!hahaha
    i found accidentaly your blog, and it beautiful! the backround, letters ecc.!
    your post if great! l love the topshop rings!!
    i follow you!!
    if you like follow back! :)
    keep on!!
    many kisses from greece!!
    xxx Marianna

  2. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! yours is great! I've followed i hope you can do the same :)

  3. I have been meaning to go to primark for AGES! Looks like there is some good stuff in the moment, I love all these buys. That primark ring looks amaze!


  4. I love the purse! I can't believe it's from primark!

    Corinne x

  5. love the hand necklace thingy.. cool stuff

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